"For me it is a very effective, pleasant and playful way to practice yoga in a gently stretched inverted pose. I can get aware of tension points, which is not possible for me in lying down or standing. After 20 years of exploration, I still love it to hangout myself from a tree, to be gently curved by the wind and to practice yoga. With 2 Tennis.- or massage balls, which I lay left and right the spine and then I slowly roll over them or rest in this position and breathe into this points. It is a wonderful self massage. The pressure of the balls on the back I can regulate with the Hangab-Lift very easy, as I pull  me further up or bring me more down. Hanga-Yoga has really addictive nature and has in me a lot of amazing healing effects " Hartmut Bez Founder of Hangab

With the HANGAB - lift, a special pulley with swing brake, it is quite easy to pull by himself. In each position can be stopped and the rope can be released, because then the brake is blocked.

Even at the "half" upside down position, this means the legs are above, the upper  body is on the floor, there are with various traction techniques, rotation and vibration movements, body postures and conscious breathing, many ways, both physical and mental relaxation and also to reach healing. The back, hips and knees can be treated very well even in this position. Completely pulled up, long and stretched out, it will often as floating and flying experienced.

The coming down, works alone and in pairs sure and extremely slowly and smoothly.

In the Basic I Workshop you can learn, how to hangout yourself and then you can enjoy Hangab-Yoga at your home. And you learn good techniques and tricks  to have joy in the future with Hangab!